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Ringing in Ears Cause – Cure?

Tinnitus is an unpleasant symptom to have and not much is known about how to cure it, this leaves a large group of people who suffer from tinnitus with little hope for a cure and as a result it can decrease their quality of life. There is a holistical approach available called Tinnitus Miracle which has already helped thousands of people with tinnitus improving their quality of life. The first step before taking the holistic approach is identifying your cause of tinnitus.

The largest proven cause of ringing in the ears is hearing loss which can be due to several factors. Old age is one known factor due to the degeneration of the cochlea and damage to the hair cells and the nerves responsible for sending sound signals to the brain. Temporary hearing loss can occur when there is a blockage in the auditory canal by ear wax.

Excessive ear wax is another factor which often blocks the auditory canal and has been identified as a cause of tinnitus although this is not strictly true. Now one of the major causes is exposure to loud noise, whether instant or not it can cause hearing loss because the hair cells get damaged and eventually degenerate. This is why ear plugs must be worn when exposed to loud noise, and as much as possible we should avoid regular exposure of our ears to loud noise or music. Constant exposure to loud noises will not make our ears immune to loud noises, in fact it quickly damages the hair cells which eventually lead to hearing loss.

Besides hearing loss there are other factors that are identified as causes of tinnitus. This includes stress and anxiety, high sodium diet, excessive caffeine intake, and nicotine too. Stress and anxiety causes tinnitus but they have not been identified as a direct cause. High salt intake causes fluid retention in the ears. Caffeine found in coffee, chocolates, tea and colas, and nicotine in cigarettes cause circulatory problems which some can lead to pulsatile tinnitus.

Stress and anxiety makes the tinnitus sound louder than it has been. There may be several causes of tinnitus but stress and anxiety make it worse in most cases. Once stress and anxiety is present, tinnitus becomes distracting to a point that a person cannot function well. This is where it is important to be informed on how to deal with the symptom.

Now if you suffer from tinnitus and desperatly looking for a cure you may have already heard that many doctors tell you that there is no cure and you will just have to live with it, although this still depends on what caused the tinnitus. However there is still hope, the holistic approach I mentioned earlier is one of the only affective remedies available. It deals with this condition from the inside out and the direct opposite to most medical approaches. It will guide you through the causes of tinnitus and direct you to specific diet and life changes, as wel as mentioning a little known natural supplement that eliminates or reduces tinnitus for good.

Although there are some other treatments out there like surgery they simply have too many risks. Also for a fact it is said that 95% of the people who use treatments such as drugs, habituation or surgeries may lower the ear ringing volume temporarily but most often would end up worse than when they started. The holistical approach is however completely safe with best results.

Below is a video of a doctor explaining the different treatments you can take to reduce the ringing, the examples he gives at the end are similar to the ones found in Tinnitus Miracle.

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