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Quietus Tinnitus a Scam?

Quietus TinnitusLast year I found a product called Quietus Tinnitus and it was advertised on television as well. This made my hopes jump up and I really thought this was it, but sadly as I dug deeper into the product I realized it was just another type of placebo effect. Now there is about six percent of the general population with severe tinnitus, this is a lot of people. This leaves a big demanding market for a cure doesn’t it? That is exactly what companies are doing, taking advantage of it and selling fake remedies for profit, people will buy them because they are desperate.

The homeopathic medication Quietus Tinnitus which consists of ear drops and tablets is advertised as a new discovery and claims to eliminate the ringing in the ears as well as reducing the pain in the ear. It all sounds very promising as it is introduced as a natural and safe way to heal the ear, unlike having a surgery which may have risks. The website of Quietus clearly identifies who is at risk for getting tinnitus, like individuals that work in a loud environment and as they reach older. The site also provides a list of reviews and videos of people that have tried the remedy and apparently with success of being tinnitus free. It all sound too good to be true, take a pill and your tinnitus is gone? Most doctors claim there is no cure yet for tinnitus, besides taking risky surgeries. Also as a fact 95% of the people who use conventional treatments such as drugs, habituation or surgeries may lower the ear ringing volume temporarily but most often would end up worse than when they started.

Now to the point why it is likely a scam, there is a big audience out there caliming it has not worked for them and even chemists claiming to have found nothing but sugars in the pill. The problem with the remedy like Quietus is that it can stay on the market until they are proven to be unsafe, they can just wait and see what happens to the users. The price tag for the medication is also one of the highest I have ever seen in the market of tinnitus, $99.95 for one bottle. I really find it overpriced as it doesn’t even guarantee relief. There are many fake remedies out there like this one thus it is important to do some research before buying it, there is definetly no magic pill out there. However there are remedies that if you follow properly you can gain some relief within a week. One example is by following a well known proven system called Tinnitus Miracle.

Here is a video review I found about Quietus, including the official commercial.

The bottom line: A lot of patients ask if Quietus or other tinnitus supplements are worth a try, says audiologist Jeff Carroll, director of the Tinnitus Treatment Center at UC Irvine. “If I thought that these products worked, I would offer them in my clinic in a heartbeat,” he says. But to his mind, there’s no solid evidence that the supplements are of use. “We don’t recommend them.”

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