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A Brief On Tinnitus

The term tinnitus is derived from its Latin root, which means “ringing”, and this word is used for the medical condition in which the person feels a perception of sound in his ears in absence of an actual sound.Though it is not actually a disease, one can suffer from tinnitus due to a variety of causes including overexposure to very loud noise, ear or nose infection and internal head injuries. This can also happen as a side effect of some medications or as an after-effect of certain surgeries.

Depending on the onset, tinnitus can be classified broadly into Objective Tinnitus and Subjective Tinnitus.The objective tinnitus can be because of increased blood flow or turbulence in the ear, and there is actually a sound that can be perceived near the patient’s ear.The subjective tinnitus generally occurs due to hearing loss, medication side effects or other such factors.Irrespective of the type of tinnitus, aging increases tinnitus and most patients feel the volume of the sound increasing with age.

Depending on the level at which a person is infected, some people hear the sound intermittently, whereas for others this sound goes on continuously.Moreover, depending on the cause of this issue, a person may hear noise of different frequencies, pitches and even volumes, thus resulting in varied symptoms.Though the small sound can cause some lack of attention, slightly irritable nature and partial deafness, the more severe types of tinnitus can result in complete deafness. Moreover, if the volume of the perceived sound is very high, it can cause lack of sleep and concentration in the patient.

There are however, a few cures than can help tinnitus affected persons in completely resolving, or at least reducing the impact of this medical condition.Various prescription drugs are available, which can reduce the impact of the sound, thus result in providing peace to the person suffering from tinnitus.Apart from this, there are also various homeopathic medications and techniques, which can reduce the amount of sound generated.Finally, there are various noise-cancellation ear-aids available, which emit white noise.The white noise either cancels the sound emitted by tinnitus, or replaces it with a more pleasant sound, which helps tinnitus infected patient by removing the irritating sound.

However, it is important to understand that since tinnitus is caused by different reasons, not all cures will provide equal results in different cases.It is critical to find out the exact cause and intensity of tinnitus before selecting a way to reduce its impact.Taking advice and opinion of your doctor before using any cures or medicines is also highly recommended.

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