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Pulsatile Tinnitus Causes

Pulsatile tinnitus is perhaps the most irritating out of all tinnitus symptoms, besides the ringing it also associates with drumming, pulsing or pulsating noises. Now generally very little is explained to people about tinnitus and thus it is important to know in order to prevent or treat it before it gets worse. Although often it evolves without any warning, this is commen with older people above the age of 40. However the majority of tinnitus sufferers get pulsatile tinnitus due to somehow damaging delicate structures of the inner ear. Thus pulsatile tinnitus is the sound of your own pulse, heart beat or blood flow which causes the ringing sound in your ears. Some people believe tinnitus is a disease but that is wrong, it is a symptom affected by malfunctions in our body.

When you have tinnitus it is important to see a doctor however it is likely they will tell you that there is no cure and you will just have to live with it, although this depends on what caused the tinnitus. If it is caused by exposure to loud noise then you are likely to have it permanently. However for those that have pulsatile tinnitus there is a better chance of getting it treated.

The symptom is commonly caused by hypertension, which is due to the high blood pressure causing the pulsing and ringing noises to be heard within the ear canal, and can even actuate slight pounding and discomfort. This condition can also be caused by anemia, and even excessive exercise. Since intense exercise can also cause high blood pressure, the two are often related.

Causes of pulsatile tinnitus includes:

• Arteriovenous malformations – Which is a group of veins that can interfere with the auditory nerve, causing ringing and different inner ear problems. This condition is pretty unusual but none the less still treatable.

• Middle ear fluid – If due to infection or other factors the fluid accumulates behind the middle ear and can cause pulsating results.

• Chronic inflammation – This is where delicate structures of the inner ear is damaged, causing increased blood flow to the damaged tissue. It is this blood flow that causes that thumping or ringing in the ears.

• Hypertension
• Glomus Tumor
• Atherosclerotic Carotid Artery Disease
• Benign Intracranial Hypertension (BIH)
• Intracranial Vascular Lesions
• Venous Hum
• Twisted Arteries

In order to get tinnitus treated it is important to know the cause of it. A relative common one is having high cholesterol which which should be treated immediately by making lifestyle changes. There is an e-book written by a former chronic tinnitus sufferer in which he explains every form of tinnitus and what to do to get it cured.

The Remedy That Helped Me Gain Relief

Tinnitus Treatment

tinnitus reliefLooking for good remedies to gain tinnitus relief? Last year I bought an e-book which contains good content on how to cure your tinnitus. Just like many scams and homeopathies out there for tinnitus they just do not work. This one however is different, it is called Tinnitus Miracle, it may sound cheesy but to my surprise the tinnitus treatments mentioned in the e-book eliminated the ringing in my ears. I had specifically pulsatile tinnitus for several years and was desperate for a cure, homeopathies failed but when I used Tinnitus Miracle I started to notice it reduce in pitch. Within two weeks I could notice improvement and a bit over a month it was almost gone.

It is not going to cure you in one day but it will over a couple of weeks, it is simply the most realistic way to cure your tinnitus, without the use of any drugs or surgery. This approach however involves you putting in some effort to get results. However with this tinnitus treatment you will find relief.

The e-book is written by Thomas Coleman who suffered from tinnitus and did months of reading, studying and experimenting, to finally find the right combination of treatments eliminating tinnitus. He has come up with a holistic approach to curing the particular brand of tinnitus from which you suffer, using your own body’s ability to help heal you. It goes into great depth identifying the causes of your tinnitus followed by steps to take in order to reduce the ringing. It really is one of the best treatments for tinnitus out there and consists of a 5 step holistic system to eliminate the ringing in your ears. It doesn’t eliminate your tinnitus in one day however if you stick to the methods you will start noticing a difference in your ringing, after 2-4 weeks it should be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

In the e-book you can find outstanding charts and lists which make it very easy to know your progress in the program and continue to follow it until you get the desired results. For example there is one part in the book which shows a little known supplement that eliminates or reduces tinnitus for good. It deals with this condition in detail and the direct opposite to most medical approaches. So far it has helped thousands of people to completely cure or reduce tinnitus. The main reason why I even set up this website is because I managed to gain relief by using that specific e-book, thus I wanted to encourage people that they too can eliminate the ringing in their ears.

To conclude the e-book provides remedies and advice on lifestyle changes, nutrition, holistic treatments, supplements and methods of relaxation which combined together results in the best cure for tinnitus sufferers at the moment. So if you are looking for a prommising remedy to gain tinnitus relief then I advise you to check out the Tinnitus Miracle.

Furthermore I recently came across another tinnitus treatment called Tinnitus Control that looks really prommising for those suffering from tinnitus caused by loud noise exposure. From what I have read it is the most effective for curing that cause of tinnitus. However if you do not know the cause of your tinnitus or is caused other than loud noise exposure then I advise you to get Tinnitus Miracle.

Below is a video review I found on Tinnitus Miracle.

Why do Women Have a Higher Risk of Pulsatile Tinnitus?

According to recent studies it is shown that the occurrence of pulsatile tinnitus is lower in men than that of women. Here are some distinctive reasons why pulsatile tinnitus occurs within women.

Let’s begin with pregnancy which is regarded as a cause for developing the effects of pulsatile tinnitus. On the other hand there is no direct evidence to prove its link with the condition, however there are studies conducted on pregnant women that indicates a 66% occurrence. Still at this moment researches are trying to find out why this happens.

There are some theories however that point to the idea that pregnancy induces hypertension which has a common manifestation that is the same with increased blood flow within the system, thus the theory because pulsatile tinnitus is linked with increased blood pressure. If it is true it is due to hypertension during pregnancy then pulsatile tinnitus should greatly reduce or totally vanish after giving birth.

It is said women that undergo a cycle change in hormonal imbalance (menstrual cycle) can intensify pulsatile tinnitus.
Thus the rise and fall of estrogen and progesterone in the body, which also gives rise to blood pressure spikes, as well as a higher sensitivity to pulsatile tinnitus.

Otosclerosis relates back to pregnancy to where women who are pregnant are more prone to developing this condition than men. This condition is noticeable with abnormal growths on the stapes bone, which is a tiny piece of bone along with the others that comprises the hearing mechanism in the ear. Due to the overgrowth, the conduction of signals become weakened, resulting to hearing loss and is linked with the occurrence of pulsatile tinnitus as an indirect factor.

Otosclerosis was first discovered in 1858 where it was first though to be the cause of pulsatile tinnitus, thus women were discouraged to become pregnant to avoid the condition and becoming deaf. However current research disproves this as no evidence is found linking pregnancy to becoming deaf.

It is highly recommended that those who suffer otosclerosis should seek medical treatment first. Stapedectomy is a quick procedure with outstanding prognosis, allowing a much safer pregnancy afterwards.

Now let it be clear that pulsatile tinnitus is not exclusive among women. Men also suffer from this condition, especially those marked with high blood pressure and emotional stress. However women have a higher risk for it to occur given the mentioned reasons.

Ringing in Ears Cause – Cure?

Tinnitus is an unpleasant symptom to have and not much is known about how to cure it, this leaves a large group of people who suffer from tinnitus with little hope for a cure and as a result it can decrease their quality of life. There is a holistical approach available called Tinnitus Miracle which has already helped thousands of people with tinnitus improving their quality of life. The first step before taking the holistic approach is identifying your cause of tinnitus.

The largest proven cause of ringing in the ears is hearing loss which can be due to several factors. Old age is one known factor due to the degeneration of the cochlea and damage to the hair cells and the nerves responsible for sending sound signals to the brain. Temporary hearing loss can occur when there is a blockage in the auditory canal by ear wax.

Excessive ear wax is another factor which often blocks the auditory canal and has been identified as a cause of tinnitus although this is not strictly true. Now one of the major causes is exposure to loud noise, whether instant or not it can cause hearing loss because the hair cells get damaged and eventually degenerate. This is why ear plugs must be worn when exposed to loud noise, and as much as possible we should avoid regular exposure of our ears to loud noise or music. Constant exposure to loud noises will not make our ears immune to loud noises, in fact it quickly damages the hair cells which eventually lead to hearing loss.

Besides hearing loss there are other factors that are identified as causes of tinnitus. This includes stress and anxiety, high sodium diet, excessive caffeine intake, and nicotine too. Stress and anxiety causes tinnitus but they have not been identified as a direct cause. High salt intake causes fluid retention in the ears. Caffeine found in coffee, chocolates, tea and colas, and nicotine in cigarettes cause circulatory problems which some can lead to pulsatile tinnitus.

Stress and anxiety makes the tinnitus sound louder than it has been. There may be several causes of tinnitus but stress and anxiety make it worse in most cases. Once stress and anxiety is present, tinnitus becomes distracting to a point that a person cannot function well. This is where it is important to be informed on how to deal with the symptom.

Now if you suffer from tinnitus and desperatly looking for a cure you may have already heard that many doctors tell you that there is no cure and you will just have to live with it, although this still depends on what caused the tinnitus. However there is still hope, the holistic approach I mentioned earlier is one of the only affective remedies available. It deals with this condition from the inside out and the direct opposite to most medical approaches. It will guide you through the causes of tinnitus and direct you to specific diet and life changes, as wel as mentioning a little known natural supplement that eliminates or reduces tinnitus for good.

Although there are some other treatments out there like surgery they simply have too many risks. Also for a fact it is said that 95% of the people who use treatments such as drugs, habituation or surgeries may lower the ear ringing volume temporarily but most often would end up worse than when they started. The holistical approach is however completely safe with best results.

Below is a video of a doctor explaining the different treatments you can take to reduce the ringing, the examples he gives at the end are similar to the ones found in Tinnitus Miracle.

Quietus Tinnitus a Scam?

Quietus TinnitusLast year I found a product called Quietus Tinnitus and it was advertised on television as well. This made my hopes jump up and I really thought this was it, but sadly as I dug deeper into the product I realized it was just another type of placebo effect. Now there is about six percent of the general population with severe tinnitus, this is a lot of people. This leaves a big demanding market for a cure doesn’t it? That is exactly what companies are doing, taking advantage of it and selling fake remedies for profit, people will buy them because they are desperate.

The homeopathic medication Quietus Tinnitus which consists of ear drops and tablets is advertised as a new discovery and claims to eliminate the ringing in the ears as well as reducing the pain in the ear. It all sounds very promising as it is introduced as a natural and safe way to heal the ear, unlike having a surgery which may have risks. The website of Quietus clearly identifies who is at risk for getting tinnitus, like individuals that work in a loud environment and as they reach older. The site also provides a list of reviews and videos of people that have tried the remedy and apparently with success of being tinnitus free. It all sound too good to be true, take a pill and your tinnitus is gone? Most doctors claim there is no cure yet for tinnitus, besides taking risky surgeries. Also as a fact 95% of the people who use conventional treatments such as drugs, habituation or surgeries may lower the ear ringing volume temporarily but most often would end up worse than when they started.

Now to the point why it is likely a scam, there is a big audience out there caliming it has not worked for them and even chemists claiming to have found nothing but sugars in the pill. The problem with the remedy like Quietus is that it can stay on the market until they are proven to be unsafe, they can just wait and see what happens to the users. The price tag for the medication is also one of the highest I have ever seen in the market of tinnitus, $99.95 for one bottle. I really find it overpriced as it doesn’t even guarantee relief. There are many fake remedies out there like this one thus it is important to do some research before buying it, there is definetly no magic pill out there. However there are remedies that if you follow properly you can gain some relief within a week. One example is by following a well known proven system called Tinnitus Miracle.

Here is a video review I found about Quietus, including the official commercial.

The bottom line: A lot of patients ask if Quietus or other tinnitus supplements are worth a try, says audiologist Jeff Carroll, director of the Tinnitus Treatment Center at UC Irvine. “If I thought that these products worked, I would offer them in my clinic in a heartbeat,” he says. But to his mind, there’s no solid evidence that the supplements are of use. “We don’t recommend them.”

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