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About me

My name is Dave, and I am 39 years old.

This is my story with pulsatile tinnitus and I will keep it short. I have had the symptom with these thumping sounds in my ears since more than four years ago. Two years ago I was diagnosed with anemia that was accompanied by hypertension. However, long before I knew I had these disorders, I already had felt strange symptoms like throbbing sensations in my ears especially when I go to sleep and upon waking up. I ignored it because it usually goes away as I come about my duties. Then there came an instance when it became worse, like I seemed to hear my heartbeat. It was getting worse and I was imbarresed to tell anyone because it sounded redicilous hearing your pulse in your ears. Generally my private life had been affected the most by it.

One December morning two years ago, I was particularly light headed and my heartbeat was fast. I could hear the pulsing sensation in my ears. I quickly asked my wife if she could drive me to the hospital as it was getting pretty intense.

My blood pressure was way too high. My general health was examined in the following days with blood tests of all sorts. They told me that my red blood cells are low. I was also told that the pulsing in my ear was due to increased blood pressure in my head, as the heart compensates with the lack of oxygen in the brain.

People do not normally sense this increased blood in the blood vessels near the ear which is rare. In fact, I recently heard that pulsatile tinnitus accounts for only three per cent of all tinnitus cases.

I am now feeling much better after reading a helpfull e-book that goes into great detail about how to treat tinnitus. Recently, I have become strict with my diet. I have been avoiding the intake of caffeine, which elevates the blood pressure. Also avoided smoking, because nicotine hardens the arterial walls. I also get enough rest so I never tire myself.

Pulsatile tinnitus is not bothering me anymore. Leading a healthy lifestyle is convenient for me as for everyone else. Thus this is why I made this blog in order to share my experience with others and that they too can gain relief.